Anafi island is far removed from the rapid pace of modern development, at the edge of the Cyclades, sobered by the Aegean sun and sea salt, isolated in its simplicity. Visitors will fall permanently in love with the unique landscape and the wonderful hospitality offered by the friendly islanders. Anafi is gradually claiming its stake on the tourism market. It is currently in a position to offer all necessary services to travelers, who do not arrive in Anafi as a regular tourist, but usually have all the characteristics of the explorers of old times. Explorers of a virgin and unworldly landscape ,discovered each time anew by land and by sea.

The village (Chora) is densely populated and originates from medieval times. It is built amphitheatrically above the port, at an altitude of 260 meters. With 270 inhabitants today, Chora is distinguished from the capital of other Cycladic islands due to is numerous arched single-room homes, which occupy a large area of the settlement. Narrow cobbled streets criss-cross the village, leading to the Venetian Kastro (fortress),the initial nucleus and heart of the village.

The beaches of Anafi constitute a comparative advantage for the island, their untouched exotic character, a major attraction for nature-lovers. At the same time ,the rocky coastline is particularly interesting to may categories of visitors. Starting from the port for a tour of the southern coastline ,we come across a multitude of quiet, gorgeous beaches with fine golden’s sand and crystal-clear waters. All the beaches are sheltered from the north wind. The most popular among them are Kleisidi, Katsouni, Flamourou , Megalos Roukounas , Mikros Roukounas , Megas Potamos , Agioi Anargyroi , Prassies ,and Livoskopos.

Visible from anywhere in Anafi, Mount Kalamos lies at the southeast part of the island, 22 km away from Chora. It is undoubtedly Anafi’s most valuable gem, a miracle of nature. With a height of 460m, Kalamos is an imposing limestone monolith linked to the island by a small isthmus. The site and view will take one’s breath away…

The Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi is Located over the narrow isthmus separating the main islands from the Kalamos peninsula. It is built over eminent ancient temple of Apollo Aeglitis ,which was linked to the asty by the paved Iera Odos (Sections of which can still be seen today).Quite high sections of the walls of the temple itself and its enclosure have been preserved , and incorporated into the enclosure of the modern-day Monastery.

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